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The Office of Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life coordinates all aspects of the residential experience at Vassar. The Residential Life staff is responsible for community development, student leadership, room assignments, residential house furnishings and equipment, health and safety in the halls, and the development and implementation of college policies. The director and associate director can be contacted at the central office in Main C-120 or by telephone at 845-437-5860.

House Fellows

House fellows are faculty members who live in the residential houses. They function as academic advisors and as members of the residential community who offer perspective and counsel. They also serve to broaden and extend the contact between faculty and students in informal and non-academic areas. House fellow interns, typically sophomores or juniors, are selected to support the programmatic endeavors of the house fellows.

Student Fellows

In each house, as a part of the overall advising system of the college, student fellows serve as peer counselors to new students. Student fellows, usually second-year students, are assigned 8–12 freshmen who live near them in the residential house. There are also student fellows for new transfer, visiting, and exchange students. Student fellows can assist you with registration procedures and point you towards various campus resources. They are trained to assist you with any personal problems you may encounter during your first year at college. Student fellows are carefully selected for their ability to relate to others, their sense of responsibility, judgment, discretion, and maturity. They are an invaluable campus resource.

You will first meet your student fellow on Monday afternoon, August 22, for a brief orientation to the campus and information about the opening days. Student fellows are expected to be in regular contact with you throughout
the year.

House Advisors

House advisors are full-time student affairs professionals who work and live in the houses. They serve several functions in support of residential life within the residential clusters. Acting as liaisons between the Office of Residential Life and the residential house, house advisors also serve as an ongoing resource to house fellows, house student advisors, student fellows, and house officers. They provide valuable personal support for all residential students.

House advisors also handle a range of administrative duties in the residential house. They monitor house improvement needs and serve as “administrator on call” to respond to emergency situations.

House Student Advisors

In each house, a house student advisor, usually a member of the junior class, works along with the house advisors. House student advisors are involved in the selection, training, and supervision of the student fellows in their building.

House Officers

Each residential house is governed by four elected student officers, an elected freshman representative, and appointed sophomore and junior representatives. The house officers work closely with the Residential Life staff to ensure the general welfare of the individual student and to promote a sense of community.

For more information, please visit the Residential Life website.